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‘Union of Stingy Workaholics…’

How feckless those Greeks are in some version or another I hear more, or less, every day.

So, as the Germans vote on the eurozone rescue package, I thought I’d post this map and accompanying blog ‘Europe According to Greece. And Sunlight’ it kind of puts the whole thing in a funny, yet perceptive, perspective.

And the blogmeister ( is pretty even-handed in terms of national stereotypes; if you click through to the Mapping Stereotypes link you’ll get the World According to Every Nation, nearly.

Of course, this business of the euro, national debt, and the likelihood of Greece eventually defaulting is a serious business. As the European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso calls for further integration to save the whole shebang the eurozone continues to creak like a ship about to go down in a storm.

Personally, I think his proposed 0.1% tax on financial sector transactions is a top idea, but only if it were implemented globally to stop those crafty bankers scurrying off to some offshore tax haven to conduct themselves shadily. And that’s not going to happen because, as much as humankind thinks it advances, we can never put aside our own backyard concerns to think holistically about the good of the planet and all its people. Maybe we’re just not wired like that anyway. How hard is it to keep in mind the family on the rocks down the road when you’ve got your own to worry about?