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Into the Woods

I ventured into the loft today to bring down this large original for my daughter’s bedroom wall. It’s the kind of piece that isn’t fashionable these days, but I’ve always thought it had an interesting quality of atmosphere or (to borrow from Wassily Kandinsky) innerer klang even.

By W. Elkin

By W. Elkin

Outerer Klang

I figured, if we experience Kandinsky’s innerer klang (see yesterday’s post), we must definitely experience its opposite. And then I reflected, why should these concepts be confined to the art world, after all is not life, art. Or as the American writer and politician John Gardner put it, “Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.”

It seems, to me, that we are now suffering from life with a surfeit of, what I will call, outerer klang and not enough of the innerer variety. A world where appearances matter, more than much else as far as I can tell. Where the magic of a child’s world is redacted to a list of functional levels at school and where spin and smoke and mirrors make us so dizzy and sick we just don’t have the energy to care about the things we might anymore.

I could go on, but I won’t, otherwise I would be klanging too much as well!

Outerer Klanger

You decide

Van Gogh drawing

Nothing Gets Written

Without writing itself in some way, or another.

There has to be space for it to come in. Creativity, of all kinds, is simply creating that space. That’s how I see it at its most basic level.

There is a blog to be written, but the space I might create for it to get done is not just mine; it sometimes needs to be taken up with other things and sometimes other people need to take it from you or, rather, you need to give it to them too.

There needs to be space for other people’s creations, allowing room for others into your life, physically and metaphysically.

Creating the space is often, necessarily, a solitary pursuit but as John Donne pointed out,

No man is an island entire of itself

Improvisation 12 ~ Wassily Kandinsky

Equality & Diversity in Aesthetics


I’ve not got time at the moment. Maybe later.