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‘Vast God-denying skies’

Wallasea Island 30 July

Essex skies, so dubbed by John Fowles, via Ken Worpole’s V&A Memory Map.

Worpole describes Essex as a county that fills up every time the tide comes in.

They have it right.

The Hackney – Essex Axis

I listened to a talk last night by Ken Worpole, specifically about his latest book 350 Miles: An Essex Journey. Ken lives in Hackney, but is from Essex and I was interested to hear his perspective on both areas.

Apparently part of the commonalities these two distinct areas share are that they have been or are variously despised by the rest of the country, both perhaps having been dubbed ‘the dustbin of London’. To live in either is to be, in some sense, lost; to have lived in both…

At least they share a nice line in Georgian porticos.

Soundbyte of the Night: Humans are the only animals who have not learned to live successfully in their habitat…