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Old Polaroid

I ordered a second-hand book that came from America recently. This old polaroid was inside. It seems to be of a road and a bunker-type edifice. I assume it’s in America, but it’s so long since I was there, I can’t tell if that road sign is of the USA variety.

Kodak as a company has not been doing too well recently, having to file for bankruptcy protection last year. Despite being ahead of the game in terms of developing digital photography, the company were well behind the curve in terms of taking retail products to market and that has cost them big time. They are now withdrawing from the consumer retail market and focused on digital imaging products for corporations. It reminds me of IBM when they got of consumer PCs. Funny how such big companies can get it all wrong at certain points in time. Watch out Tesco…

I would like to run a Kodak polaroid week – they are so evocative. Unfortunately, I’ve never owned a polaroid camera so this one snapshot, of god knows what, in god knows where, might be the full extent of the homage.

Enjoy, if you can.