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It was nerve-wracking, but lovely, to be able to be part of this literary festival earlier this month.

The feedback from my own reading was positive – and I hope not just polite. Anyway, the lack of blogliness lately is partly to do with the general pressing on with the second draft of the manuscript.

Some of you may have seen this video already. For those of you that haven’t, I think it captures the spirit of the event quite beautifully. The downside to reading myself is that I wasn’t able to catch other artists although I did see a wonderful film installation by the Greek artist Mikail Karikis called Sea Women which I would recommend.

Thanks to Metal, Rachel Lichtenstein and Syd Moore as well as my fellow Lit Labbers – some of whom, Penny, Farah and Miss Gish, make cameo appearances on the film.

Fishing Nets in Leigh-on-Sea


The sun in a puddle

I was out in the general murk this morning with the dog and on the way back I was aware it felt like the sun was trying to make an appearance. I thought I might try and photograph a proliferation of green plant psychedelia on the verge, but when I crossed the road I noticed the sun shining, at my feet.

It hadn’t broken through the clouds, but somehow its reflection in the huge puddles on the road magnified its rays. It faded nearly as abruptly as it had appeared but that didn’t stop the dog and I, dodging the traffic as it barrelled round the blind bend, from trying to catch a few rays to share on here.

It’s like I’m trying to spite Oscar Wilde who said, ‘We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.’ This is more like, I am in the gutter and I find all kinds of cosmic entities right there, thank you very much….

‘Waiting for a Train’

Today’s blog title track can be found here; it’s an old one by Flash and the Pan.

The dog looked like he was waiting for the commuter train from London yesterday evening, so he could race it, probably all the way to the end of the line.

He didn’t get lucky on this occasion.

‘Under the Boardwalk’

Down by the sea…

The dog decided, for reasons best known to himself, to charge up and down in excess of 25 miles per hour. He repeated the feat more than once, for me to capture his top speed antics, but this was the best I could do.


and you miss it

Two Tree Island

It’s not a Banksy, but…

It’s a largely unrewarding business taking photos with my Blackberry. My sister seems to get better results on hers. And then there’s the other sister’s iphone which does the business even better, but then she has to contend with the big drawback of a greasy screen. All that notwithstanding, I was rather pleased with how this came out.

This dog is painted on the side of the now defunct Staffords Hair Emporium on the London Road in Leigh-on-Sea. I have a nice friend who broke the salon: she had her hair cut and then it closed the next day. I will never quite let her forget it.

I tried curling my own hair at the weekend for party purposes. It quickly became clear that I had no idea what to do. I did find out it won’t go if your hair is dry. That’s my top makemeadiva beauty tip #1. Don’t hold your breath for the next one, they appear on a biennial basis only.

Blue in Leigh-on-Sea

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Nor this

But it is today’s NAP.

I have high hopes because Richard & Richard & Hannon & Hannon train it.

Slight negative: may just need it.

It has been pointed out that the Aquarium News has not been posted this week. There is news, but I would be ashamed to type it. Perhaps later.