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Here’s one I made earlier

I always wanted to be a journalist. Recent events have shown me that perhaps I am not entirely cut out for the job anyway: I seem to lack something in the doorstepping department of life.

Still, I was recently happy to help out with this piece on a local music festival for a local arts and culture magazine, Level 4, although my amateurish ways meant I initially submitted an old draft version of the piece and when I went to look on my hard drive my shiny new updated one had not been backed up… cut to teeth gnashing and a tight-lipped rewrite at the last minute.

I’ve clearly got a lot to learn. #1 Back up, back up, back up.

Which reminds me…


Tunes Your Kids Should Know

Inspired I thought. Even more exciting was the filming of the floor and projecting it on to the wall in negative and kaleidoscope images, plus a load of others that I don’t have the technical language to describe. The kids spent a while just staring at their ever changing motionless selves on the wall!

The playlist would always struggle to be all things to all groovers though. From what I can recall it sounded a bit like this:

You can’t go wrong with Marc Bolan but unless it’s I Love to Boogie it’s tricky to dance to.
T-Rex – Ride a White Swan
This was a very exciting video when I was young.
Adam & the Ants – Stand and Deliver
The Motown wish was delivered as a cover by way of
Japan – I’ll Second That Emotion
My schoolgirl world stopped on Tuesday Chart lunchtimes for the weeks that this was at No. 1.
Duran Duran – Is There Something I Should Know?
I swim against the tide with this but I am less fond of
Chaka Khan’s – I’m Every Woman – familiarity breeding contempt perhaps
The controversial opener
Ian Dury and the Blockheads – Sex & Drugs and Rock’n’Roll
The still impossible to dance to Cameo – Word Up
The strange inclusion of Dolly Parton – 9 to 5
And the wrapping it all up with full instrumental to whirl to
The Doors – Light My Fire

The best fun I’ve had in ages, even though I made myself a bit dizzier than usual.

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