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Waiting, Mann Island, Liverpool Docks

A sculpture by Judy Boyt to commemorate the working horses that contributed their sweat to make the port of Liverpool great.

2015-04-03 19.13.41

Dazzle Ship in Black & White

In Toni Morrison’s book Home the protagonist, Frank, is described as a tilted man.

One of the indications of this for the reader are the moments in which the colour suddenly bleaches from Frank’s world.

Like this.

2015-04-04 09.38.25

Dazzle Ship, south of Pier Head, Liverpool


Arsenal Question?

Arshavin couldnt have done much more really

Arshavin couldn't have done much more really

Dear Lord won’t you buy me an Arsenal defense
My friends all drive four by fours, we must make amends
Worked hard all those matches
No help from the ends
Oh Lord won’t you buuuuyyyy me an Arsenal defense

to the tune of a popular Janis Joplin song used in an advert one time 😦

The question is (as I’m too wired to go to bed now – thanks Benayoun) how many late goals have the Gunners conceded this season?

P.S. I don’t know the answer but I’d like to because it seems like plenty!