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Ale: full of antioxidants

Which are, by all accounts, jolly good for you.  This is just as well because the 5%+ alcohol content is less so – especially when consumed in some quantity.  The jolly goodness of an odd beer has been amply demonstrated by England against Slovenia yesterday: reportedly Cappello relaxed his regime to allow the Lions a beer the night before the match.  Evidently a little kicking back can do the power of good, I may have mentioned this before… 

Of course, I am far too classy to get slaughtered over a mere England Group Stage Crunch Football Match; in the absence of Fabio to keep me I line, I got properly mashed up well in advance last week when the Devon Home Cook came to stay.  We did around the South of England in Ale.  Very nice it was too.  I can recommend the Admiral’s (a Cornish Supreme Champion Ale) and the Doom Bar (also Cornwall), although if  I can get Adnams (Suffolk) of any kind on draught I am in heaven and I can never pass up a Fuller’s (London Darling) Honeydew.  I am not too fussy.  The Devon Home Cook is pretty fussy, it goes with the cheffing territory I think. 

On the football front yesterday it was what Desailly on ITV said.  One swallow does not a summer make, but a few good English ales, laden with healthy antioxidants, will certainly fill the void in the meantime.

P.S. Although the football continues to hog the headlines the amazing longest set ever (longest match ever, most aces served etc.) continues at Wimbledon later.  I believe they are 59 games apiece.  Truly mind-boggling endurance from the two athletes, Mahut and Isner, both mental and physical. They’ll definitely need a recovery beer after all that.

And one of my top two favourite fillies in training, Seta, runs today at Warwick.  Today is a sporting day to be enjoyed with no anxiety, until the next time.  Sunday will come too soon.