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Metal Moon

The eldest daughter has an artistic eye. She sees things that can be made into something else.
She makes things. I am very impressed by this. Perhaps one should not **be pleased by one’s daughters , but I, for one, am and am going to make a habit of saying so.

On a technical note, everything on the copper plate tableau has been glued down *closes eyes and hopes it wasn’t super glue* but the figure can be moved around anyway you like. It has occurred to me that she could make a stop motion film wherein it cartwheels under a crescent moon.

**For the sake of balance and not being too odious, being pleased with one’s children is always an ephemeral notion, most likely to strike on a Monday morning when they have been packed off to school with thanks, taking their scuffles and arguments with them, and giving a parent a moment of quiet reflection – at last…