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Dead Pigeon

It survived the night and then died between 8.00 and 8,30 a.m.

Poor pidge.  Feeling gutted.  Probably disproportionately so for a bird that I never knew existed as an individual prior to yesterday afternoon.  Still, we can’t help how we feel about things can we?  They are the one thing that will keep coming, and for free.

The kids had a name dispute as well.  One favoured Miss Sippy, the other Sheila.

RIP Miss Sheila Sippy.  Now I’ve got to break the news to the children.  I think I am going to cry.  My sunglasses are already on in preparation.  If there’s one thing I am already well-versed in, it is dying quietly inside.

Reasons to be cheerful #1

There are only every three reasons according Ian Dury so I’ll be getting mine in before that rotten old Osborne publishes his Spending Review on Wednesday.

#1 Russell Brand returns to the radio: 9 pm on Saturday nights on the generally execrable TALKsport. Many people may think that station is his natural home, but I have missed him since Sachsgate.

I caught his squeeze on X Factor last night. Plenty of good reasons for the boy from Grays to have hooked up with her, but her singing prowess is definitely not one of them.

Katie Perry could learn a bit from Ian’s delivery, but then she is challenged by the lyrics she has to deliver. Perhaps Russell could give her a hand with that…