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It’s been a while

Since the blog went into an apoplectic outraged anti-capitalist rant so here’s a little one to get the day off to a good start…

Funnily enough, this time it’s been caused by our Prime Minister, David Cameron, saying… wait for it… something sensible. What he said yesterday was that consumers should be automatically paying their energy supplier the lowest price tariff, rather than what we have now which is a dizzying array of complicated pricing structures delivered to us in a format that needs a PhD in Pure Mathematics to begin to understand.

I have personal experience of this. We went through a period a while ago when someone was knocking the front door and begging to read the meters in the cupboard under the stairs every five minutes. Apparently this still couldn’t accurately inform EON’s billing department and we were slapped with a massive demand partway through the summer. When I tried to get to the bottom of it, the operative on the phone casually mentioned we might switch to a cheaper tariff. This sent me into orbit and I can’t even remember what I said. It took about a week to calm me down.

So I agree with David, this once. We should all be on the cheapest tariff. Why are there so many anyway? Then, this morning, some woman from the ‘industry’ popped up and said Cameron’s quite sensible and fair idea would ‘kill competition’. What? What! Excuse me if I am a simpleton about this, but, I thought competition was to offer the consumer the best price. What the energy companies have meant by ‘competition’ over the last few years is a competition between themselves as to who can fleece the customer the most and get away with it.

Fuel price rises every winter – when the demand increases? That sounds like a monopoly. A cartel. People living in fuel poverty and the government handing out our money to the energy companies in winter fuel payments so the elderly don’t die of hypothermia.

Say what you like, but the whole thing is a fucked up money making scam and the energy companies need shaking by the scruffs of their necks until all their stolen wealth falls out of their grasping little pockets. Perhaps Cameron is the man to do it. I doubt it, but it’s worth a try.

Greedy bastards