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In the wars

€Over the weekend I’ve garnered some injuries: a two inch long burn on my right forearm from the iron and an impressive elbow blister on the other arm.

I can’t understand the blister on the left elbow, I had one last year that I got in Paris from a day’s drinking near the Gare du Nord. It’s like exercise on the tv.

Right ladies, put your right elbow on the table, grip your glass, lift your glass, drink, lower, repeat, repeat, repeat…

I am a bit concerned that once I start drinking pinot noir and doing family research on the web with my mother the messages to my brain and limbs get a bit muddled and I become all left handed.

The burn is because I had to iron one thing. I left the iron upright in the middle of the board to rearrange the thing and misjudged the space I had to operate in. I am quite surprised about that because I can reverse park a car with the greatest of ease.

Count yourselves lucky I have not done actual pictures.

Left elbow ironing blister?

Tomorrow: new fish in the tank.