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You can have too much of a Good Thing

Biophilia in this case.  Standing around outside on a freezing and damp Essex marsh whilst the half-term children leap about generating kinetic energy to stay warm.

I think there’s more of it tomorrow too.  Standing around at not-so leafy Lingfield watching the Winter Derby Trial amongst other things.  I remember going there one autumn half-term with the kids.  Drew a total blank on the nags and had to run the gauntlet past some kind of python shipped in for the kids entertainment.  I felt like grabbing a visor myself that day.  Speaking of which, well done to Young Mick, George Margarson and the team out in Dubai as he lifted another 1m4f race.  Not as prolific as he once was, his wins nevertheless have a special place in my heart.

Our Young Mick

Our Young Mick

So now

Let’s get serious about blogging. Random stuff is great once the great wide world is aware of your mutterings but to engage the casual surfer you might need more of a strategy. So now.

Here’s mine. This year will be my 40th year. In the year of the Ox no less, I a Rooster, will be needing to achieve “one joyful event” so as to “offset three possible mishaps”. Apparently, “things may not look all too good for the Rooster (1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005).”

It is reported that Roosters need to work extra hard to make these joyful events happen. The examples given include getting married (unlikely), getting pregnant (most unlikely) or buying a new house (unlikeliest of all). The joyful event can, by all accounts, offset any negative vibrations waiting for Roosters and then we can enjoy favourable fortune in 2009. Hmmmm.

Chinese Rooster

Chinese Rooster

Turning 40 – is that a joyful event I wonder – will that be included in the mishaps balance sheet? I dunno, but I am not going to risk it. So I have planned a few “joyful events” of my own that I shall reveal over the year.

Number one on the list is to get a comment on this wretched (and renamed) blog.
Number two is to achieve profit on my gambling account.

Watch this space 🙂