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A Sporting Summit in the Snug

Despite some disapproving interruptions, the blog’s resident Grand National expert AMB and I were able to run the once over the field the other afternoon.

Well, to be truthful, we only had time for the once over over two of the field (again). No matter, this is the summary of the insightful and professional discussion. Really, I am at a loss to understand why there were no cameras there…

Niche Market has weight yes, but mitigating this stat is the fact that the top of the handicap has become increasingly compressed over recent years – more and more horses are carrying the deal-breaking 11st 1lb+ stone. Our expert feels this could be the year we break the weight stat barrier. The remarkable Hedgehunter won with 11st 1lb in 2005, but you have to go digging to find Corbiere carrying 11st 4lb in 1983 – all of 27 years ago. Proving the bus rule, Grittar won the year before that with 11st 5lb. Of more concern is the horse’s entry at Cheltenham. Tut tut. The other thing the horse lacks, and can do nothing about until next year, is course experience.

On the other hand li’l ol’ State of Play has the Aintree factor and is green to go across the other criteria.  I think the only thing he needs is some luck in running and ground no softer than last year’s good to soft.

Definitely State of Play with that blue rope

That’s it. We moved swiftly on to the Wayne Bridge / John Terry non-handshake before the other house guests ears began to bleed.

P.S. Cover them house guests – after I wrote the above the Blog Expert forwarded this interesting link about the compressed handicap from the Official Handicapper.  I swear those two are hand in glove.

Weights for the Grand National 2010

These have been published today. Fallout so far: Mouse Morris says War of Attrition won’t run with the allotted weight. Our own AMB’s (the blog’s resident Grand National expert) pick Niche Market has gone up 4lb for his good showing in the Aon.

From my own point of view I have always been sweet on State of Play and he gets in on a lightweight, along with another former Hennessy winner, Trabolgan.

Over to AMB and her traffic light coded spreadsheet 🙂

Weights for the John Smith’s Grand National

Horse Age Weight Trainer

ALBERTAS RUN 9-11-10 Jonjo O’Neill
MADISONDU BERLAIS 9-11-10 David Pipe
NOTRE PERE 9-11-10 Jim Dreaper
TARANIS 9-11-09 Paul Nicholls
OUR VIC 12-11-08 David Pipe
MON MOME 10-11-07 VenetiaWilliams
BLACK APALACHI 11-11-06 Dessie Hughes
JOE LIVELY 11-11-06 Colin Tizzard
VIC VENTURI 10-11-06 Dessie Hughes
COMPLY OR DIE 11-11-05 David Pipe
DON’T PUSH IT 10-11-05 Jonjo O’Neill
IRISH INVADER 9-11-05 Willie Mullins
MADE IN TAIPAN 8-11-04 Tom Mullins
NICHE MARKET 9-11-04 Bob Buckler
TRICKY TRICKSTER 7-11-04 Paul Nicholls
CASEY JONES 9-11-03 Noel Meade
CLOUDY LANE 10-11-03 Donald McCain Jnr
DREAM ALLIANCE 9-11-03 Philip Hobbs
NOZIC 9-11-03 Paul Nicholls
POSSOL 7-11-03 Henry Daly
SIEGEMASTER 9-11-03 Dessie Hughes
MY WILL 10-11-02 Paul Nicholls
PABLO DU CHARMIL 9-11-02 David Pipe
ONE COOL COOKIE 9-11-01 Charlie Swan
WAR OF ATTRITION 11-11-01 Mouse Morris
BACKSTAGE 8-11-00 Gordon Elliott
BALLYHOLLAND 9-11-00 Colin McBratney
BEAT THE BOYS 9-11-00 Nigel Twiston-Davies
PREISTS LEAP 10-11-00 Tom O’Leary
ROULEZ COOL 7-11-00 Robert Waley-Cohen
BERONI 8-10-13 Willie Mullins
CAN’T BUY TIME 8-10-13 Jonjo O’Neill
LE BEAU BAI 7-10-13 Richard Lee
SEVEN IS MY NUMBER 8-10-13 David Pipe
SNOWY MORNING 10-10-13 Willie Mullins
AIR FORCE ONE (GER) 8-10-12 Brian Walsh Charlie Mann
BIG FELLA THANKS 8-10-12 Paul Nicholls
DARKNESS 11-10-12 Charles Egerton
DEUTSCHLAND (USA) 7-10-12 Willie Mullins
LOUPING D’AINAY 11-10-12 ancois Cottin
CHELSEAHARBOUR 10-10-11 Mullins
DOONEYS GATE 9-10-11 Willie Mullins
GONE TO LUNCH 10-10-11 Jeremy Scott
KORNATI KID 8-10-11 Philip Hobbs
STATE OF PLAY 10-10-11 Evan Williams
ELLERSLIE GEORGE 10-10-10 Nick Mitchell
FOLLOW THE PLAN 7-10-10 Oliver McKiernan
JAYO 7-10-10 Willie Mullins
ROYALCOUNTYSTAR 11-10-10 Tony Martin
BALLYFITZ 10-10-09 Nigel Twiston-Davies
CONNA CASTLE 11-10-09 Jimmy Mangan
EQUUS MAXIMUS 10-10-09 Willie Mullins
ERIC’S CHARM 12-10-09 Oliver Sherwood
KING JOHNS CASTLE 11-10-09 Arthur Moore
OLLIE MAGERN 12-10-09 Nigel Twiston-Davies
ARBOR SUPREME 8-10-08 Willie Mullins
CANE BRAKE 11-10-08 Tom Taaffe
KILCREA CASTLE 8-10-08 Emma Lavelle
LENNON 10-10-08 Howard Johnson
MALJIMAR 10-10-08 Nick Williams
NEW ALCO 9-10-08 Ferdy Murphy
BIBLE LORD 9-10-07 Andy Turnell
IRISH RAPTOR 11-10-07 Nigel Twiston-Davies
MR POINTMENT 11-10-07 Paul Murphy
PARSONS PISTOL 8-10-07 Noel Meade
PIRAYA 7-10-07 David Pipe
RAZOR ROYALE 8-10-07 Nigel Twiston-Davies
THE PACKAGE 7-10-07 David Pipe
HELLO BUD 12-10-06 Nigel Twiston-Davies
IRIS DE BALME 10-10-06 Sean Curran
PALYPSO DE CREEK 7-10-06 Charlie Longsdon
TRUST FUND 12-10-06 Richard Barber
ABBEYBRANEY 9-10-05 Howard Johnson
CERIUM 9-10-05 Paul Murphy
FLINTOFF (USA) 9-10-05 VenetiaWilliams
PARSONS LEGACY 12-10-05 Philip Hobbs
ROYAL ROSA 11-10-05 Howard Johnson
SILVER BIRCH 13-10-05 Gordon Elliott
COE 8-10-04 Sue Smith
GLENFINN CAPTAIN 11-10-04 Tom Taaffe
KNOWHERE 12-10-04 Nigel Twiston-Davies
OODACHEE 11-10-04 Charlie Swan
WHINSTONE BOY 9-10-04 Jimmy Mangan
FAASEL 9-10-03 David Pipe
MUMBLES HEAD 9-10-03 Peter Bowen
OFFICIER DE RESERVE 8-10-03 VenetiaWilliams
SIZING AUSTRALIA 8-10-03 Henry de Bromhead
TRABOLGAN 12-10-03 Nicky Henderson
CHIEF DAN GEORGE 10-10-02 Jimmy Moffatt
DUERS 8-10-02 Paul Magnier
BALLYTRIM 9-10-01 Willie Mullins
OFFSHORE ACCOUNT 10-10-01 Charlie Swan
PAK JACK 10-10-01 Richard Phillips
BOYCHUK 9-10-00 Philip Hobbs
KINGS ADVOCATE 10-10-00 Tom Taaffe
TREACLE 9-10-00 Tom Taaffe
GALANT NUIT 6-9-13 Ferdy Murphy
BELON GALE 7-9-12 Howard Johnson
POMME TIEPY 7-9-12 Willie Mullins
MERIGO 9-9-10 Andrew Parker
CHIARO 8-9-09 Philip Hobbs
KILBEGGAN BLADE 11-9-09 Tom George
ACCORDING TO JOHN 10-9-08 Nicky Richards
LORUM LEADER 9-9-07 Dr Richard Newland
OLD BENNY 9-9-07 Alan King
OVER THE CREEK 11-9-04 David Pipe
COSSACK DANCER 12-9-01 Mark Bradstock
WEE ROBBIE 10-9-00 Nick Gifford
OFFALY 9-8-12 Pru Townsley