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International Human Rights Day

Barack Obama spoke well, I thought today, at the Memorial in South Africa for Nelson Mandela. No Lincoln he, though. It was not a speech with the impact of the succinct Gettysburg address. Still he mentioned the Abraham Lincoln, and the theme shared by such great activists of the world: equality of opportunity for all. Obama reminded the leaders of the world that even as they gathered to remember the life of Mandela, the work was not yet done. Not whilst so many people are imprisoned, as he said, for their political views, their religious beliefs, who they love…

He may have spoken for a little too long, but he did not speak too soon.

I was wrong

I want to go back to hearing about drugs and alcohol; Sarah Palin and the Tea Party taking over in the US is too painful to watch.

Obama looks like a guy on the ropes at the moment. I am crossing my fingers he can get back into the centre of the ring and put together some combinations before his term is up.

21st Century’s Yesterday

That’s the lyric that was humming round in my head when I read about the exchange of gifts between Obama and Cameron yesterday. The song is actually I Need You Tonight, by INXS. I wonder if Dave warbled that before he handed over the eponymous art work by his wife’s fave artist Ben Eine. On inspection the work looks like those letters women with an eye for a trend snap up in overpriced homeware catalogues. No wonder he is a hit with Sam Cam.

I rather prefer the sound of Obama’s reciprocal gift: Ed Ruscha’s Speed Column with Lines.

This is not it.

I probably need to stop picking on David Cameron for a day or so now; even though he can be a bit of a dick, can’t we all? And if I keep that in mind, he can hardly disappoint me. Unlike Obama who has very great potential so to do.

*I wrote this last night and in bed I was thinking “Ben Eine – is that a made up name: Benign, Ben One?”. Now I’ve got Things that make you go hmmmm going round in my head.