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The Roof Tops

This is detail from a painting I’ve had for a while. The seller said that it is a piece by Nick Rigg who now works in film/tv production in America. Whilst I was fiddling around making this post I found an online tool called Chip It that creates a customised paint palette from a photograph or a picture. When I did it for this painting the tool (which is a paint manufacturer’s) came up with the following colour descriptions:

Tricorn Black
Night Owl
Summit Grey
Mountain Air
Rookwood Red

I like it.

Big Sky

Painted the year I was born. Better than Turner for my money.

Note to self to get to the Tate before the 8th January (Elvis, my sister and daughter’s godfather’s birthday – not listed in order of importance)

Eifellandschaft (Strasse) Oils 1969, Gerhard Richter

75% of input to our visual cortex

does not come from our eyes but from the rest of our brain…

So only 25% of the information that comes through our eyes from the outside world is part of our total visual experience. Perhaps, then, seeing is not necessarily believing.

That’s might be why the language of colour is so important in our perception of it.

And why we experience some colours differently *from others, and the same colour differently *from other people.

Study in Blue by Patrick Heron (Basildon Arts Trust)

*Perhaps this should be differently to, too tired to investigate.