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Eastern Wisdom

This picture came to the blog via the youngest member of the sorority, a certain Matilda William, who is carrying on enjoying all her todays around south east Asia. The pancakes she’s been eating for breakfast are worth a post on their own.

Enjoy your today today everybody.

A weekend in Southend (guest blog). Part II

I felt it appropriate to fill you in on events since the last guest post.

– the event over the road involved myriad characters, fake Barnes grass, ale and room temperature food that set off my food hygiene alarm
– the gang leader has been evicted from the tank to the neighbour’s house
– the victim has dined on bloodworms in a bid to regain its strength
– the man of the house noticed and was dismayed not to have got the chance to say goodbye
– Southend air show from the garden = 3 planes spotted, about 20 heard but not seen. We’re looking forward to hearing the Red Arrows later
– a game of hunt the witch’s hat
– resourcefulness at retrieving said hat
– CJ taking breakfast orders just before bed
– a midnight-4am visit from CJ, who clambered into bed after simply telling me to ‘shush’ when I tried to protest. I can inform that she hogs more bed than a Labrador
– shopping this morning at Tesco for aformentioned breakfast, and encountering a rather interesting cross-section of Southend society
– lot one of pancake batter ending up on the floor
– dramatic holding of and staring at the blog owner’s foot, after the mixer landed on it
– complete extension of the kitchen blind to avoid the glares of the rather odd children next door (think League of Gentlemen)
– delicious breakfast in the garden (see picture) and UN-style negotiations to persuade CJ to come downstairs and join us
– more Monopoly marathon
– some dodgy piano playing and even more decidedly dodgy singing along from AMB

We shall be fleeing to the peace of Devon tomorrow morning at 5am, before the Southenders awake again and release more havoc.

A Holding Pattern Post

I have this post in the pipeline that is taking ages to do, it’s not even that long, but it’s causing me problems. I thought I might finally have cracked it this morning but actually I haven’t.

So rather than leave a blank space on a Saturday morning I thought I would share this.

The kids wanted pancakes for breakfast, a reasonably regular request. The thing is, since the kitchen got plastered, everything has been in a state of flux. Half the kitchenalia is hiding in the dining room and things are commuting between the two rooms on the misery line. In fact, I have given up trying to keep track; the kitchen is like the enemy within at the moment. So the pancake batter is made, but we can’t locate the frying pan. In complete harmony with my defeatist outlook, I sat down and the kids went off to investigate. They came back initially and reported that it should be by the toolbox: it was not. Then after some time had elapsed they came back and said it had turned up and could I go and get on with making a breakfast stack.

Where was it? I said.

Under the dog’s bed! they replied.

How, how is this possible? I wonder.

Just don’t go there… what is left of my rational mind whimpers.

Breaking the Fast

One of the kids has no compunction about this first thing, the other is a bit more tricky.  Not unlike me, she likes to come to a bit before stuffing her face (coming to is a bit aspirational for me actually) and an 8 am start at school rather precludes this luxury for her.  Nonetheless, I persist with the expectation that she will eat some breakfast, even a mouthful, before we head off.  Not much luck this week I must say.  She agreed to nuke one small pitta bread in the microwave on Tuesday rendering it fossil like and then tried to set about it with some butter and on Thursday was gracious enough to take a packet of mini cheddars in her bag.

I am not too worried as they get fruit at the first break (about 9.15) but I do fret about how a little brain will function on no carbs.  This is what has been on the rejected menu this week:

Eggs – anyway you want them but not poached or scrambled due to technical demands and time constraints, Weetabix, Cheerios, Yoghurt, Waffles, Toast, Cornflakes, Porridge and Fruit – all of which have been rejected.

This morning she consented to eat a pancake which I have duly made.  I feel like Mrs Pepperpot and I think the situation may be unsustainable, not least because at some point I am going to shrink and fall into the frying pan.  Now where’s my ekologiskt bryggkaffe mellanrost (organic Scandinavian coffee)?