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Turning into my mother

This is not a bad thing, just an observation. Practically speaking, I am doing similar things my mother used to do like:

  • walking straight in from work, after collecting the girls from school, and going straight into the kitchen to make tea – still in my coat
  • going deaf
  • forgetting what I am saying, in the middle of saying it
  • putting things in the fridge when they don’t belong there
  • needing to organise certain details in order to manage anxiety (so far this has only manifested itself into booking two non-consecutive nights in a Chicago hostel and shortlisting airlines suitable to carry my personage safely from A to B)
  • doing lesson planning and marking on weekends and evenings
  • organising camping holidays to France
  • needing to go to bed by ten because doing it all is beyond exhausting

Women can have it all, but is all of it worth having? Big question, *no brain left to answer attempt to answer it with.

In the interests of equality, tomorrow’s post will be called Turning into my father

*After I hit publish I realised this sentence had lost its way somewhat. Like I said, no brain left. My mother never wrote that kind of nonsense – that’s all my own work.