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The Great Hogwash

It’s my considered opinion that David Cameron needs a toe up his backside.

His use of the clanging term “the Great Ignored” yesterday made me fulminate and I was going to bang on here about it being too close to the Great Unwashed and it being a nonsensical term etc. etc. Then I read this: Hopi Sen’s blog and decided a link to that would be better than any of my invective.

By this time though, for the sake of research, I had listened to his whole standing on a box by the Thames and surrounded by the faithful oration, and he was just way too limp. No matter that he promised me less paperwork and more of Parliament working for me, and you too actually, I find it hard to believe. And at the back of my mind I suspect if he can’t even talk the talk with conviction or with meaning, he has even less chance of walking the walk.

Of course, it is all academic in my neck of the woods, us being lumbered with a safe seat in a shade of Pompadour.

David and Gordon come to a soap-sharing arrangement

For the sake of balance and perspective I am sure I will lay into the other parties before the Great Day, where we the Great Ignored, go off and cast our Great Votes. Somehow, it doesn’t feel that Great to me.