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Dead roses?

When you’ve been doing your head in listening to scientists and rabbis (see last few posts) the only thing for it (in my world) is to dive straight into some new tactile experience. A few weeks ago I discovered that if I peeled off the outer petals from the ‘dead’ cut roses I was throwing onto the compost heap it revealed a vibrant inner core that pulsated with colour and life. The qualities of the petals are not something I can describe in words, so this morning when I found some more cut roses in the bin (not the compost heap *tut*) I repeated the exercise and took some photographs.

I learnt from this that taking still life photographs is not as easy as the professionals make it look. As a consequence I had to fiddle around with backgrounds and camera settings which sounds technical but involved old shoeboxes, a vase and a battery charger on the kitchen worksurface. Still, I had some fun. I also discovered that the waterproof qualities of a rose petal are quite astounding; intelligent design indeed.

Straight out of the bin

The rose heart

Cut in half