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Do you?

Dark side...

Here Emily, do you remember when we hustled at the Turks pool hall in Stoke Newington?

I don’t think you were there the night that the floor grew triffids and the oppo turned into Miss Piggy and then I tried to order a Chinese of dancing worms.

And Anna can you recall paddling in the pool in Clissold Park on a superwarm night when we had to heave you over the park fence? Not because you were fat! Just because you were little.

I remember it all like it was yesterday and they were the best times and I am glad I had them.

But when my girls come to me (or don’t come to me) in their badness, am I going to have a leg to stand on? Or will I just fake it. I think that’s what the parental job description requires.

Anyway, I still like to set them up and I miss us all living in London.

P.S. The skateboard killed it though šŸ™‚