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Signs of Brain Frazzle

When you drink or eat something really cold you can get an attack of Brain Freeze *shudders*. Brain Frazzle is something else I get from time to time and I’ve got it right about now. I like to think of it as the opposite of the freeze because your brain just overheats and short circuits out. In me it’s like the pre-frontal cortex, the executive functioning part of the brain that takes decisions, forward plans and applies rational thought to situations and problems, has gone on holiday – without notice.

It means I am left to navigate my way through life based on my more ancient brain, the brain part that in humans resembles that of all animals down to lizards. It means my responses are based on the survival imperative. I am more emotional (I swear more), I am more tired (I want to sleep more), I eat indiscriminately (too many chunky Kit Kat fingers) and the passage of time has gone all abstract on me (time and days of the week are becoming elusive).

It also means I can’t write very well, if at all. It’s not that the words won’t come if I tap, tap, tap – usually something does arise, but it means it comes from a place that I don’t have cognitive access to. I can’t plan what I’m going to say, and when it comes out, I have only a limited ability to fix it up into something resembling a readable state. Usually, writing makes me feel more like myself, at the moment, it makes me feel further from myself.

Perhaps I need an extended rest. The problem with stopping, in my experience though, is that it can make it nigh on impossible to get started again.

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