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The Dante Meeting starts now

Politics: we’ve definitely done Limbo, the first circle of hell. Whether we now hop out to live happily on the earthly plane, or some of us delve more deeply into the circles of wrath, heresy and betrayal remains to be seen.

Any road up, it should be interesting.

Horseracing: the Musidora Stakes is run today on the Knavesmire. The market will be formed around whether Cecil’s Aviate can stay and if O’Brien’s Cabaret is ready for her seasonal debut. On the book Eleanora Duse has not much chance, but I might side with her at a better price and expect improvement over a trip. To be truthful, I’m not much bothered either way.

For a day in May, there’s a depressing quantity of NH racing about. I might skip York (apart from Eleanora) and save myself for a bit of the flat at Naas tonight. So far I have only looked at the 7.40 maiden and I am hoping for some improvement on better ground by Tiznow’s Purple Land.

After the tumult of the last few days, I will confess that the excitement of four-legged creatures racing has been edged out by the fascination of the race between the two-legged variety. And most engaging to observe now is the unprecedented three-legged race between the curiously similar, yet different, public school boys.

And even curiouser were my eyes disobediently watering throughout. I rarely weep, but Brown’s departure started me off (most unexpected) and only finished with Cameron’s closing the ridiculously reflective black door behind him.

In the new spirit of austerity, I think he should paint it matt.

The Nine Circles of Hell