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Swann looks like he was a greyhound. Painted in watercolour by Queen Victoria in the 1850s – the original can be seen in Kensington Palace. I would have taken better notes on its provenance but I was being hustled round the palace by a pre-teen who I thought would enjoy the fashion exhibition. How wrong can you be? Anyway, the watercolour of Swann was painted when Prince Albert was still alive. I found myself wondering if the Queen painted much, if at all, once she was sewn into her widow’s weeds in perpetuity.

I think she has done a good job – the anatomy and musculature of the hound work well and she has the head. It’s a shame if she gave up painting. I bet she could do a good pony as well.

I have taken some liberties with Her Majesty’s original work, adjusting the brightness and contrast levels, as the photo was poor, and the shot quickly taken in a very dark room. They keep all those rooms dark; dark and very, very hot. This was a pre-Christmas, pre-storm hitting the country the following day trip. It’s a shame when these things arrived at for the enjoyment of all miss the intended spot, but as well as learning Queen Victoria had a dog that looks awfully like mine, I also spotted some green parakeets on Bayswater Road. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the little things that come up unexpectedly, rather than the big ones you planned.


Note to self: eldest daughter detesteth history…

To Hub or not to Hub

Or indeed to blog or not to blog?

There are so many cyberspace vehicles for our content these days we are spoilt for choice.  I am new to hubbing and only discovered it last week.  As things stand, I have one hub page so far and nineteen views (I call those nineteen the enlightened ones lol).

As far as I understand it (which is approximately the distance to the next lamp post, a hub is where you share information that might be considered useful to others.  You can then attach relevant advertising (well you don’t, the machines do) to earn a nominal sum for “clicks through”.  These are visitors to your hub who then click on the advertising link(s).   Your hub content should be original, useful, well written and informative.  You get a rating which is only partly based on traffic but I haven’t yet worked out what else your rating is based on…  My rating is 68 out of 100 which I am pleased with – it’s an encouraging start.

I won’t be abandoning the blog though.  This is where I bleugh! This blog does not have to fulfil any criteria, it can be whatever I want it to be; today I want it to be all about Lily Allen – and I can enjoy a glass of red wine whilst I blog, hubbing I feel should be a sober activity!

Now I have not been Miss Allen’s biggest fan.  I have found her lyrics and music self-obsessed and annoying and there’s no change with this tune, but this time, I am amused.  The look of disgust on his face when the OH brought the lyrics to my attention has had me smiling ever since.

Don’t get me wrong, the song will soon get grating and annoying like all the others and I’ll have to switch it off and return to the the Scene of the Grime (see yesterday’s post), but for now it’s allowed ear space.

Queen Victoria - Lilly Allen - spot the difference!

Queen Victoria - Lilly Allen - spot the difference!