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There are lots of people, who may or may not check into this blog from time to time, who have been massively encouraging and supportive of my latest project that involves transatlantic flight and I just want all of you to know that you are much appreciated, perhaps more than I let on. I have been sent books, and other contraband, lent a rucksack, been given pep talks and other deeply sensible practical advice, all of which helps me out, means a lot and sustains me.

Today, I just wanted to share this beautiful and unique trip log that that I have been given by the lovely Reform in her bookbinding persona. I don’t quite trust the tinternet technology at times, so this is going to be really helpful, along with all the other kindnesses I feel I don’t quite deserve but am blessed to receive. Thank you all, truly.




Metal Moon

The eldest daughter has an artistic eye. She sees things that can be made into something else.
She makes things. I am very impressed by this. Perhaps one should not **be pleased by one’s daughters , but I, for one, am and am going to make a habit of saying so.

On a technical note, everything on the copper plate tableau has been glued down *closes eyes and hopes it wasn’t super glue* but the figure can be moved around anyway you like. It has occurred to me that she could make a stop motion film wherein it cartwheels under a crescent moon.

**For the sake of balance and not being too odious, being pleased with one’s children is always an ephemeral notion, most likely to strike on a Monday morning when they have been packed off to school with thanks, taking their scuffles and arguments with them, and giving a parent a moment of quiet reflection – at last…

‘Be Loved’

This is a detail from a piece my good friend and all-round sound person of The North made.

I haven’t shown you the whole thing; that’s a secret. It’s a kind of suck you in, to spit you out piece. I love the tension it creates when you look at it.

The gift of it was one of those unexpected things that just made my day. Not in a ‘punk’ kind of way, in just the opposite. Or maybe that depends on the kind of day I’m having. In either case, this piece means a lot.

Find her at her blog here

For Re:form

Don’t know about you love, but I have gained some industrial injuries off of that badge machine. Still, it were educational were it not!

Next time, I’m wearing smaller badges for my eyes…

The key to the badge-making tent