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A song I like, when I remember

I am interested in the unfixed teeth (having them in a state of un-fix-ed-ness (say it like a sonnet) is retro if you ask me, having them myself) and the guy’s voice reminds me of another singer. I think it might be Peter Gabriel. I am not sure; someone from the 1980s anyway.

Not being able to place a certain tonal quality in a vocal drives me more crazy than when I can’t remember the right word, or the name of a song.

Neuroscientists say that the human memory can crash and reboot when you leave a room and enter another one. That’s why we often forget what we came in here for. It doesn’t even have to be a room to trigger this response – just a threshold, perhaps even a metaphysical one. Taken across the piece, this post sounds like it’s a good argument for living alone in a one-room garret.