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River Stour & Leafless Willow


Upriver from Constable

On the River Stour. Some people who take photos set up with tripods, and SLRs and zoom lenses and all kinds of wotnot. Me, I just prance around with a giant phablet, point and shoot, point and shoot baby.

Some good, some bad. The swan’s ok, although we had a bit of trouble with positioning the reeds…



Yesterday something went on with the computer. First it wouldn’t connect to the internet, preferring to remain in a state of permanently ‘acquiring network address.’ Today, I noticed it had also changed the time by an hour. The two things probably aren’t connected, but who knows. I did all the usual stuff to fix it: turned off the router, checked the wireless connection settings, blah blah blah. Then this evening I had a fiddle. I got into the C:\WINDOWS dialog box and I started typing stuff in. I had noticed that the wireless connection had somehow dropped its IP address down the back of the sofa. I tried a few other things – releasing and renewing the ipconfig (whatever that is) and eventually, after I had apparently unsuccessfully twiddled everything whilst trying to set up a new wireless connection – the old one found where it lived in the world wide web, and all was well again.

I like fixing things. I think it’s in the genes.

That reminds me, the central heating timing box was rewired with myself as chief electrician this winter – needs must after a busted valve on the system. Best get it replaced this summer – all two days of it…

Here’s one of the days of summer I made earlier.


A bit of peace & quiet…

…after a hectic week. Image courtesy of Mary Russell, Withindale Mill, Suffolk. It’s Constable’s River Stour but further upstream than Flatford Mill and without the pesky tourists.

The actual water meadow

Reasons to be cheerful #2

That I managed to download the whole Ray LaMontagne album “God Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise” for nothing. When I listen to this song I can close my eyes and I am looking not at a marathon Monday; instead I am standing where I can see water meadows across the river at the point where it runs shallow enough to see the bottom, but just deep enough that you can’t see the fish.

This is not the exact spot, but it will do.