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S is for Southbank

Taken standing on the bank of the Thames at low tide. There’s something rather marvellous about these ten foot high letters being submerged at high tide and surviving time after time to tell the tale.

On another note, after my fossicking amongst the detritus washed up on the Thames beach, I am still wondering if I have contracted Weil’s disease as a consequence. Call me a catastrophist if you wish…

south bank

I’ll photograph some of the finds for tomorrow.

Three styles incorporated in a picture (aged nine)

The blog sometimes feels its raison d’être is to produce a digital record of the children’s work. This was from last year’s exercise book and apparently incorporates pointillism, blending and something I can’t remember. I will ask the artist to comment. I was rather moved by the colour of the three mountains and the river. Some parts of the scene seem unresolved, but ain’t life just like that?

I had a desperate mother moment yesterday, looking at another picture up on the fridge.
One day, I thought, there will be no pictures on the fridge.
So I made the youngest promise me to send me a doodle a week forever…