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‘The Divided Brain’

This video loosely follows on from yesterday’s post on Premembering.

To my mind, the structure and function of the human brain is the last frontier.

Watch it to the end and you will find why Stephen ‘Philosophy is Dead’ Hawking is still wrong, but Albert Einstein is so right and even a bunch of renegade neutrinos on a nanosecond jaunt to Italy won’t change that.

If you have children: watch this

And if you don’t, watch it anyway. If you are Michael Gove, you should take a look too. This came by way of my Chase & Status friend and colleague, Fay, for which many thanks. I am seeing her shortly and we will be discussing our revolution (as usual).

It caused me to shout Yes! quite loudly a couple of times: ADHD, Sausage Factories, Limiting Potential with Labels, Divergent Thinking, Teaching our Kids not to Think – it’s got it all.

Of course, I can’t force it on you, but I am going to take a liberty and be prescriptive: dunromin, enkunalma, finkywink – you must watch.

If you’ve no interest in education I can also recommend it on the basis of some rather excellent scribbling…