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January Sea Front


I climb the cliff with
The strong smell of frying
Above under the arches
As Dayglo lycra skeins by and
Seagulls captain small boats
Going nowhere
And white down
Swirls up
On the eddy of air
From the fresh squish
Of pigeon breast


I saw this gull yesterday doing battle with a McDonalds takeway paper bag. The gull was, by turns, both timid (with people) and aggressive (with the bag). It’s a juvenile black backed gull and I suppose that once it’s got its full feathers (black, grey and white – what a transformation!) it will abandon its rather endearing dance in the Co-op car park and will instead be found hanging tough with the Bully Boy Gull Gangs down the seafront, shitting on cars and stealing ice-creams from old ladies…

Or maybe it’s shitting on old ladies and stealing cars from ice-creams. The gulls down here don’t ramp, but they’ve nothing on the gulls I’ve met in Devon: they are scary.

Every Picture…

Hike? Ooh or hi! coo…

Winter Plough by David Shepherd



no forward motion

Pile it high

Sainsbury’s has reported a 10% increase in profits in December 2010, meaning they did better in the battle for flogging Yuletide crap to the consumer than their nearest supermarket rivals.

About an hour ago, Justin King, CEO of Sainsbury’s, explained the record Christmas profits thus:

“Our business was one which wasn’t focused on giving customers what they wanted.”

Don’t panic – it’s all sorted now. What you wanted (in case you didn’t know) in December was to buy Christmas gifts whilst buying yer basic provisions.

That’s thoughtful isn’t it? Supermarket gifts for your nearest and dearest. Perhaps, rather than Mr King’s assertion that customers were helpless in the face of their fantastic Christmas gift offer, customers just grabbed the nearest thing once they were in a shop, any shop, because of the snow disruption.

It’s my assumption that Sainsbury’s were doing rather nicely when their business wasn’t giving us what we wanted (slackers); now they know what we want, we’d better watch out.