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Waiting for Mud

Last weekend was the Mud Run. We went down to watch a friend in a Ukelele band who were planning on entertaining the crowds (in the mud naturally), but the tide was doing its own thing that morning and staying in and in and in…

In the absence of mud, the Ukes played anyway like seaside troubadours and the eldest, who loves a good fossick, unearthed this beast. Strictly speaking it’s only half a beast, note the fearsome spine. We were going to pop down to the Sealife Centre for ID purposes, but then we decided to have an ice-cream instead.

High points of the morning: watching the Foreshore Guard trying to keep the beach clear around a ringed plover’s nest (entirely undistinguishable from the stones even when clearly pointed out) & the Ukes who played “Feeling Groovy”.

Low points: lack of mud, omnipresent car parking wardens hanging about like vultures, and being told off by the Foreshore Guard for having Rudi’s evil dog paws on a lead on the beach (in contravention of byelaw number 3 zillion and twelve).

Foreshore Guards earn their dough, you know. It’s not all sitting in a hut watching the world promenade by…

A monster of the deep

Feeling Groovy

Turquoise & Rust

Feeling even groovier

The Transgressor eyes up the amusements

Wood, Water & Metal