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“Life’s A Treat With Shaun The Sheep”

Well it’s no coincidence I suspect that my historical puff piece about Shaun is clicking over the views this morning: it’s the school holidays and the kids must be bored already…

Why do I like Shaun the Sheep? Because he is subversive mainly. That’s a long word, you can Google it later, or you can visit the Shaun official site to watch clips. I know what I’d rather do 🙂

Bitzer, Shaun and how parents may feel in the holidays


Regular readers (Emily) will please forgive this post which is testing a theory.

Shaun the Sheep fans will probably thank me for it.

In this episode, Bitzer gets a new hat and makes me roar laughing because he growls under his breath just like Rudi.

For comparison purposes:



Shaun the Sheep

I know I have had a trying day when I struggle to follow the plot of this CBBC programme (available on Freeview and highly recommended). If you like Wallace and Gromit and subversive sheep you can’t go wrong with a bit of Shaun. On around 4 p.m. but you can catch it here if you have to be out doing something more important at that time (difficult to comprehend in our world).