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Farewell Sir Bobby Robson

Today the news broke that we have lost Bobby Robson after a long battle against cancer.  At first I could not take it in.  He was only out on Sunday watching a charity game, football truly was his life.

Now I am forced to think about it, and I really rather would not have to, it seems Bobby Robson epitomised the role of football manager to me.  I was brought up in a non-football home.  I never went to a game or watched a brother, dad or boyfriend on the pitch.  I had a vague remembrance of Nottingham Forest on MOTD in the 70s and my best friend’s brother had a Liverpool poster but that was it for me as a child.  Then England came to town under Bobby and suddenly as a young adult with my own tv in my own home I was watching the match – for pleasure.  That was what Bobby Robson’s England side meant to me and that is what it patently meant to him.  Those lads played for him in a way we seem to have lost sometimes these days and despite the dodgy hairdos and random pop tunes, Bobby Robson and his England side were for me (too young for ’66) the glory days.

Practice makes permanent

"Practice makes permanent"