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This is today’s Earth Day 2014 hashtag over on Twitter. Well worth checking out. Here’s my contribution as I try to resume my version of ‘normal’ service round here…


‘Be Loved’

This is a detail from a piece my good friend and all-round sound person of The North made.

I haven’t shown you the whole thing; that’s a secret. It’s a kind of suck you in, to spit you out piece. I love the tension it creates when you look at it.

The gift of it was one of those unexpected things that just made my day. Not in a ‘punk’ kind of way, in just the opposite. Or maybe that depends on the kind of day I’m having. In either case, this piece means a lot.

Find her at her blog here

Heather & Slate

Tea out

We had tea with Laddie and his family last night. In 2005, as Faith’s Lad he started a 7/4 favourite in his heat for the 1st round of the William Hill Derby @ Wimbledon (biggest open greyhound race of the year) but sadly went out of the competition after missing the break, getting crowded on the 2nd bend and finishing last.

No matter, he is a very happy lad now and I love him. His family love him even more. He stands a good bit taller than Rudi, but is perhaps not quite as fast as he was back in the day. That’s allowed, it’s called the good life.

Laddie (racing name Faith's Lad)


Laddie lives in an extremely artistic environment. Yesterday’s delights included an original bill for hay from the 1730s: bushels and cart loads…

Creaking stools, chalkcloths, ink wells, empty clock cases, stick insects and an original Viking v Monks epic featuring a pair of ** for eyes on each corpse. Marvellous.

I managed to create my own impromptu installation with some decorated, yet drying (for the last week) slate fragments by getting four of them stuck in my hair at once.

From the back I must have looked like a Christmas tree.