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Snow in the Middle East

Of course one must not snitch photos off the internet, but my excuse on this occasion is that I just can’t be in Jerusalem to take the shots myself. If only I could.

There was something moving about seeing what I was brought up to call The Holy Land under a thick blanket of snow last week. I don’t call it the Holy anything any more, but plenty do. If you care to go googling you will find photos of smiling Palestinians throwing snowballs, and Israelis too.

It makes a wonderful change from the usual images beamed out of the disputed territory.

Funny how snow, like love, changes everything – if only temporarily.

Praying at The Western Wall, Jerusalem

Obligatory post about snow

It’s a bore isn’t it? I have resisted for a week now, but it’s late; I’m tired and emotional… the snow post was bound to creep in sometime, surely.

Actually the most snow I have seen during the cold snap has been the piles of the stuff on the roof carpark at the Sainsbury’s in town. (After yesterday’s Morrisons debacle I returned to the dayglo rip-off bosom of the orange grocer.)

Anyway, here it is, the snow.


I took this photo yesterday and it reminded me of a track from the last album by the Eagles Long Road Out Of Eden. The song is called No More Walks In The Wood. I loved it then, I love it now. The snow, less so.

London bricks: encrusted with snow

Side order of icicles

Today seems like a good idea to come up with Gedankenexperiment III, featuring a cat.

Probably my cat. The cat that shat on the bathroom mat in the middle of the night… before commencing loud miagolare so that those that serve her might wake up, let her out and clear up the mess.

No snow, yet

This time last year, there was plenty.

Personally, I can’t stand the stuff. The only things that should be wet and cold are a dog’s nose or a *insert spirit of choice* and tonic.

Today’s walk

Involved Rudi treating the park like his own back garden, so no chance of shots of said lurcher in the snow. Whilst the kids and I were prancing about trying to catch the little bugger I saw these. I do a like a distressed half-dead flower, the bird was an accident. I wish I had taken the proper camera now as this was a phone job.

Going Stir Crazy

If Sigur Ros isn’t your thing, here’s an alternative – #1 viral video this week

Matt Whistler’s Merry Christmas 2010 Southover Street Brighton from Convict Films on Vimeo.

It made me laugh.

WARNING: contains some nudity…

Music from Iceland

Seems perfect for this weather.


Sometimes, in extremis, I take Rudi for a quick whizz around an old cemetery. My heart is always in my mouth as it is filled with trip hazards and holes for him to put a paw down. Now I run the risk of being fined if I let him off the lead, thanks to a load of byelaws being passed earlier this year.

I’m not saying I do let him off, mind.

Anyway, I have taken this particular headstone before because it is striking and sad, having five children’s faces carved into the marble. Some are in better condition than others. The last time I took this subject it would be fair to say that the angle of the girl’s head and the eyes tilted downwards put me in mind of something from The Exorcist. Yesterday she had ice in her eyes and it somehow brought them to life.

“A Tall White Mute”

Wot I have learned in the new ice age.

That the weather forecasters are mainly wrong about the timing, the quantities and location of snowfall.

That BMWs spin their tyres a lot and that in these conditions the TinCanfromJapan is an effective conveyance. Snow chains – Honda Civic = you decide.

That a heated pitch does not a match in heaven make.

That not even the Poet Laureate can compose a  2010 snow poem without cliches, although she wrote one about a snowman prior to her Laureateship than I am quite keen on here.

“You don’t understand  a word I’m saying, do you?”

Snow Horse by Ray Keller

Melt or Thaw?

There is a difference apparently.

Either way, this pansy seems quite happy in its frozen home.

And, in line with government urgings, I am now trudging to work.