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Innerer Klang

I need to find some. It’s nothing to do with the those funny little Clangers that lived on a planet far away, rather it is how Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky described the inner sound of art. That is to say how contemplation of the outer reveals something of the inner.

On reflection, that’s what I think might have been missing from some of Damien Hirst’s work. It’s like trying to find the Innerer Klang in the repeat pattern of a roll of wallpaper.

Or, maybe, if you listen too hard for something you won’t hear it anyway; too easily drowned out by the white noise in your own head…

A Clanger and, my favourite, the Soup Dragon

Damien Hirst Wallpaper - too much Klang, or not enough?

Kandinsky, Sketch 2 for Composition VII