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Stoicism as an approach when removing the knife from your back

As I posted yesterday, it’s Stoic Week this week and I am taking part.

I came to the project late in the day and just managed to limbo under the closing registration bar to participate. Yesterday morning I listened to the audio provided and completed the exercise. By the end of the day (which was 10 pm) it was too late to do the evening audio.

And yet… I still found the considerations from the morning useful to manage the emotions that arose during a gruelling evening at work. I know I am not involved in hard labour in the classroom, but if you enter into the teacher – learner contract with a true heart and authenticity of spirit, it is hard. Last night someone displayed a set of characteristics that have been lurking underneath for a while. I found, somewhat to my surprise, that I had been royally skewered. Of course, there are those that say one thing to your face and do another in life fairly often, it’s just that I am not familiar with those kind of people in my life and that’s a blessing. So it all came as a bit of a shock, naive as I can be.

Oh well, the Stoic in me said… this event is beyond your control…

And another little voice said, ‘Let it come, let it go’. So I did. For once, the voices in my head were in total agreement. Move on.

So, I made a cup of lavender tea, which was delicious and went to bed and slept pretty well on the whole.

Tomorrow, how I coped watching a Hollywood blockbuster, certain Oscar-winning movie, in a Stoic frame of mind.

I wonder what the Romans drank…