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Today’s Big Fat Disappointment

It might have been that the number of abstentions could have swung the vote on University Fees against the Government, but although one hoped, it never seemed really possible.

It might have been that some of the protesters got a little bit over-excited.

It might have been Boris Johnson’s comment that throwing paint at the Prince of Wales’ car was an insult to democracy (explain how a Royal Family fit in to that concept).

But it was none of those.

Before I say what it was, I have to say I was incredibly heartened by the protest, the majority of students and the resignations of certain MPs from their party posts: perhaps there is a glimmer of hope for direct action and a few principled people still knocking about.

The big fat disappointment was Chief Superintendent Julia Pendry of the Metropolitan Police.  I have never seen a senior woman police officer on the BBC (we’ve had Dame Helen on ITV) so today was a bit of a moment for me.   Then she opened her mouth.  I can’t find the clip to transcribe her exactly but it more or less went thus:

I am disappointed that the protesters were a bit naughty and did not stick to the previously agreed route. Plus they threw some missiles.
She said this well before they started

a) setting fire to things

b) breaking up breeze blocks and pelting the Treasury

c) throwing paint at the ill-advised Royal Variety vehicle

So, in my lifetime, I eventually see a woman police officer break through the glass ceiling onto the telly, only to draw herself up to her full Mother Hubbard height and admonish students for not doing what they were told by the authorities. Get real love.

*back to the drawing board*

From Garage to Dubstep

There’s this really cool lady who I work with. We started teaching at the same time and, unusually, in the same room at the same time – she was numeracy and I was literacy. I’ve not shared a room that successfully since.

Now we travel together each week on a new journey, and I am not sure I would be able to do it without her.

On the way there we are all about the music (it’s ours kids and we might not give it back); on the way home it is the oppressed masses, the exploitation of women and banging on David Cameron’s shiny door to point our fingers in his spam face.

Anyway Fay: this one’s for you. And it’s for me. We are halfway to being blue ducks…