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River Stour & Leafless Willow


Upriver from Constable

On the River Stour. Some people who take photos set up with tripods, and SLRs and zoom lenses and all kinds of wotnot. Me, I just prance around with a giant phablet, point and shoot, point and shoot baby.

Some good, some bad. The swan’s ok, although we had a bit of trouble with positioning the reeds…


Autumn from The Pod

I was going to title this View from the Pod, but that reminded me of the Kim Wilde song too much so I had to change it. I’m going to go and sleep in there sometime soon (but maybe not in winter).

2014-11-02 23.16.56

On having to go slow & a sunset

My mind can run too fast for its own good. Like an over-revving engine, if it is allowed to go on unchecked, parts will blow.

It took me an awfully long time to get this; even longer to accept that when I consider it is running slow, it still might be running a deal faster than what others might consider a regular speed. It’s a genetic thing – I see it in others in the family – in my case it became pathologised. Maybe that process helped me to realise I had to work at it to get things back into balance. Medicalising the mind, or the subjective life experience does not help with the actual work that the owner of the super-fast and speedy mind has to eventually embark on, should they wish to not live the life of a Mayfly.

Technology is the enemy, in a way. Everything is so fast and accessible; if you let it, it will feed the beast – and I do. At least I realise it, mostly. It is therefore an interesting experience to work with equipment that, rather than speeding the process up, slows me right down.

Apple, I salute you.

Sunset on water meadow  © MEA Russell

Sunset on water meadow © MEA Russell

Composed on a very old laptop with Windows because… no-one’s got all day!

Memories of summer

Salt marsh and sea lavender

The long gaze of St Botolph

Night skies studded with harvest moths

A hedgehog in the headlights

Seed pods

seed pods

Mongolia and Cape Verde

I haven’t been to either of these countries, but I’d like to.  It’s a terrible thing to feel like a wanderer at heart with a fear of flying (even though the hypnotherapy has helped enormously on that front, it’s not gone entirely.

What these two very different places have in common is that someone, somewhere in both of these countries has visited my blog.  (I know this because WordPress helpfully provide a map of where readers come from, with flags!)  Actually, the one Mongolian reader hasn’t visited much recently which makes me a bit sad.   In my mind it was just one person, somewhere in the Mongolian Steppes, wilfing around the net in a wifi enabled ger.   Of course, I don’t know this, but it’s the image I had anyway.

Who knows why, or how, some readers get here.  Who knows if they read at all, or just surf on.  Either way, it’s quite nice to be part of the whole thing, a little drop in the ocean of world wide white water.

Here are a few shots of a yurt I spent a night in recently.  If you are interested in eco camping, this is where we went.  Needless to say, the girls loved it, especially the jungle shower.  When darkness fell, the stars were quite spectacular and, perhaps because the farmers were out late harvesting, the air was thick with moths like I have never seen in my whole life – and I grew up country style.

All yurts and gers are not equal.  They are constructed with slightly different shapes and in Mongolia they cover theirs with felt, this one was canvas.  I took the time to study how it had been put together quite hard.  One day, I want one.





Yesterday something went on with the computer. First it wouldn’t connect to the internet, preferring to remain in a state of permanently ‘acquiring network address.’ Today, I noticed it had also changed the time by an hour. The two things probably aren’t connected, but who knows. I did all the usual stuff to fix it: turned off the router, checked the wireless connection settings, blah blah blah. Then this evening I had a fiddle. I got into the C:\WINDOWS dialog box and I started typing stuff in. I had noticed that the wireless connection had somehow dropped its IP address down the back of the sofa. I tried a few other things – releasing and renewing the ipconfig (whatever that is) and eventually, after I had apparently unsuccessfully twiddled everything whilst trying to set up a new wireless connection – the old one found where it lived in the world wide web, and all was well again.

I like fixing things. I think it’s in the genes.

That reminds me, the central heating timing box was rewired with myself as chief electrician this winter – needs must after a busted valve on the system. Best get it replaced this summer – all two days of it…

Here’s one of the days of summer I made earlier.