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Azure Sky?

I’ve more-or-less forgotten what a blue sky looks like, so I picked this up to remind me when I saw it dropped on the street last week. I was hoping it was some kind of sign, but after the weekend’s deluges I think it’s just the Gods having a good laugh, whilst they play dice with mortals’ lives.

More sunseekers: the self actualizing tendency

There’s been a monsoon overnight. Not so long ago the clay soil round here was cracked from drought. Hard to believe, as I squelched through a waterlogged field this morning.

These poppies remind me of Carl Rogers’ theory which consists of 19 propositions – specifically #6 which relates to the ‘self actualizing tendency’.

The organism has one basic tendency and striving – to actualize, maintain and enhance the experiencing organism

The sun in a puddle

I was out in the general murk this morning with the dog and on the way back I was aware it felt like the sun was trying to make an appearance. I thought I might try and photograph a proliferation of green plant psychedelia on the verge, but when I crossed the road I noticed the sun shining, at my feet.

It hadn’t broken through the clouds, but somehow its reflection in the huge puddles on the road magnified its rays. It faded nearly as abruptly as it had appeared but that didn’t stop the dog and I, dodging the traffic as it barrelled round the blind bend, from trying to catch a few rays to share on here.

It’s like I’m trying to spite Oscar Wilde who said, ‘We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.’ This is more like, I am in the gutter and I find all kinds of cosmic entities right there, thank you very much….

In Goal

I am right fed up with these interminable grey skies, even more so since we had some sun yesterday.

This was a hot and windy day last summer on a dog walk. I like the way the ace goalie has taken her jelly shoes off neatly, all ready to stop the ball.