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Memory: notorious for its unreliability

Here’s a study you can be part of if you want to test your own.

I scored 65% overall and was fooled 30% of the time. Just under the average for the former and well under the average for the latter. That’s the good and bad news for the children I suppose…

The Elephant Celebes by Max Ernst

I am rather interested in this today

But I have no time to talk about it now.

Never mind; there is always tomorrow…

Nude Descending Staircase No 2 - Marcel Duchamp

A surrealist telephone conversation

Me: Hello

Dad: Hello. You know he’s left then?

Me: No (do not mention I cannot see into alternate realities (yet))

Dad: Did he leave some bananas here?

Me: I don’t know (see alternate realities: bunch of bananas section)

Dad: Well, if not, that means we have a mysterious banana leaver coming in here… and… leaving bananas…

Me: Ummm

Me: Do you want to take them then? (give me a break – I’m working with what I’ve got)

Dad: No I don’t want bananas! (*with feeling* I knew he didn’t like melon much, but I had no idea about this banana hatred)

Me: Oh

Me: Hmmmm

Me: Dad, this is a rather surreal conversation y’know

Dad: *laughs* I suppose it is. Ok, well see you soon *slams phone down as per familial MO*

There was a brief interlude about wardrobes, but that would just confuse matters further.