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Tide Out, Reflection In

What I like about this, apart from the partial reflections, is that where everything seems at first glance to be still, there is a  lot going on, off out there where you can’t quite see.

As I get older, my vision seems to be changing.  It’s much worse at distances, and not brilliant close-up either, but my peripheral vision seems more perceptive.  I glimpse things in the corner of my eye.  Sometimes I think it’s ghosts, but no.

For this reason I often don’t feel connected to where I am.  The camera is a way of embedding myself in the landscape momentarily, rather than drifting through in a self-absorbed, myopic haze.


Tide in

Thames Estuary, from right: Isle of Grain power station, the Crowstone, a boat, Southend Pier

Work in progress

My own quick and dirty sketch of the world.

I don’t know what I’m doing, but there’s a rare freedom in that.

The Crowstone & Thames Estuary

More Foreshore

The Crowstone marks the end of the Port of London’s Authority on the Thames.

I am not sure if it’s a free for all past this point – it certainly seems that way by the time you get to the pleasure beaches…

The Crowstone's East Face

East Face Inscription

A break in the clouds

The dogs on the beach ban lifts for 6 months in October, so Rudi and went down the other day and pretty much had the place to ourselves, apart from a few cockle pickers further out on the mud.

I wanted to take the camera down there but the battery was flat and I couldn’t find the charger so I had to make do with the Blackberry. How it would have all turned out with a proper camera I will never know. Life can just be like that sometimes.

The Crowstone with dog on the foreshore