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Trouts’ Pout

It’s not a compliment is it? Why has the poor trout been chosen for insulting others I wonder? After all, as you can see, a rainbow trout is a beautiful fish.

This pair are the Catch of the Day and come via i Phone, via Blackberry, via email to the blog directly from Wray Barton Wrecking Crew’s rod. No flies on her…

The Birthday Disco (Tunes My Kids Should Know & A Cake Bonanza)

(c) The Little Runaway

This blog carries a self-indulgent big fat birthday blog warning, stuffed with tuneage and cakeage. If you read it you might get a hangover, or at the very least a slight headache…

Inauspiciously and unwittingly I started this blog 2 years ago today. The first year was more like a gestation period though, given that I only posted a handful of times. What better way to celebrate than with a boogie, even if I can’t follow the strictly disco brief I seem to have set myself. The quiet storm in me just keeps creeping in…

These are listed in the order I’d play them. Just as I don’t do matching, I can’t seem to do even numbers either.

Faithless – Insomnia
DJ Luck & MC Neat – You Show me Happiness / Tell me that it’s Real
Chic – Le Freak
Daft Punk – One More Time
Happy Mondays – Step On
David Guetta vs. The Egg – Don’t Let Me Go
Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough
Arrested Development – Mr Wendal
Fatboy Slim – Praise You
Billy Ocean – Red Light Spells Danger
Carl Kennedy ft. Roachford – Ride the Storm
Tavares – Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel
Underworld – Born Slippy
The Police – Everything Little Thing She Does is Magic
Marshall & Hain – Dancing in the City – as close as I can get to a slow song

Then very kindly, and most unexpectedly yesterday the Devon Home Cook whipped up enough cake to feed 70 readers. At the beginning of the blog experiment it would have lasted over a year. Now I am glad to say it would be done in a day, especially if some of us had double helpings 🙂

Happy Birthday Dear Blog


Even I have limits when it comes to talking about myself although I know that might seem hard to believe! Nonetheless, I am holding back on my two other horse-related stunts for now (one featuring my very own grey diplodocus Blue) to allow some interjection from my sister: The Devon Home Cook.

In the latter part of the decade that I was flinging myself from equines she was spending summers on Sark driving them. Sark is one of the smallest Channel Islands that can only be reached by ferry and notable for (then) its feudal system and ban on all motorised vehicles barring tractors.

In her previous incarnation as the Sark Carriage Driver she hung out in the village square (probably smoking?) waiting to take tourists round the island, for which you have to pass a test. The test was not only to show that you could stop, start and steer a horse, but that you had the correctly entertaining grockle spiel in three different langauages as you took them round the island. I think the highpoint of her career was having Ian Beale from “Eastenders” in her carriage 😉

She has reminded me on yesterday’s comments that she had a carriage bolting incident once, so I am hoping she is going to come on here and fill in the truly terrifying gaps. Sark actually consists of the imaginatively named Big Sark and its unequal and opposite, Little Sark. The Sark Carriage Driver had to travel across the isthmus, called La Coupee, that joins the two to get back to the ranch. I am hoping (for my mother’s sake) that the escapade wasn’t across this dramatic but highly dangerous tourist attraction.

La Coupee: The razor-edged isthmus joining the main island to Little Sark, is the most spectacular sight in the Channel Islands. Before 1900 when protective railings were erected, children from Little Sark, had to crawl on their hands and knees to avoid being blown over the edge.

I am also wondering if that choice detail was included in the tourist chat?