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This time the tooth fairy trips over his size 11s…

…tiptoeing into the gap-toothed wonder’s bedroom (at least she doesn’t have 2 rows of shark’s teeth anymore).  He didn’t wake her or anything, it might actually have been better if he did and then I could have done the deed on my return from work.  No, he tripped, on a procedural point and, and I know this is hardly credible, forgot to take the tooth.  Well you can imagine the uproar that greeted me this morning – the six foot tooth fairy having done one, to use the vernacular.  If there was a hotline to the UN Peacekeeping force available to parents before 7 in the morning, I would have been on it!  When I asked for clarification on the hotline to the tooth fairy, he muttered something about “thinking it was in the dining room”???

Clearly some tooth fairy re-training is in order before any more of the contents of the kids’ mouths fall out.

Step 1 – Place tooth under pillow

Step 2 – REMOVE tooth

Step 3 – Replace with a £1 coin (this should be as shiny as possible)

Step 4 – Take tooth to mother’s secret hiding place for teeth

Step 5 – Be prepared to be tortured half to death before revealing Steps 1-4 to children

Then I listened to the radio whilst hiding from the kids in the kitchen.  I like to hide in the morning.  If we had a 70s hatch I would poke their breakfasts out through it until it I had half an hour’s peace to make lunches.  As it is they come in demanding this and that and it is all quite stressful.   I try to blot it out with the Today programme, mainly to catch their crap racing tips at half-past the hour (although credit where it’s due, one won yesterday).  So today when Today told me my children were more likely to be fat than my neighbour’s, because I work, I was not really in the mood for the psuedo-scientific nonsense.  I can’t believe people are actually given money to research such rubbish.  Apparently I am more likely to drive them to school (well I could see how that might happen if you then have to heinously drive to work).  As it happens, I only drive if it’s raining, I have a deep antipathy to other peoples’ umbrellas.  Then, I stand accused of being more likely to give them fizzy drinks and crappy snacks to drink and eat.  Presumably we working mothers do that because we are too guilty, pressed for time, ignorant, whatever to prepare wholemeal sandwiches and freshly squeezed juice before flinging it in an uncaring manner at the children in the back of the car and and ejecting them directly from the car seat into school so they won’t be in danger of taking any exercise at all. 

Don’t think this has hit a raw nerve!  It hasn’t.  We don’t have fizzy drinks or too many snacky craps round here, although I do my noble bit to keep afternoon tea alive between 4-5.  I am just incensed that not only do they get to do this “research”, they then get it aired in my kitchen after I have dealt with the tooth fairy debacle.

All before 8 a.m.

I was going to do a nice post about Sea the Stars and the Arc and my looking forward to seeing Ghanaati in the flesh on Saturday.  Laters.


First Day Back @ School

which I think of as a necessary evil (but I keep that to myself obviously!).

This is the first time that the 7 & 5 year old have not appeared fully-clad in uniform in the kitchen at some ungodly hour, all keen to get their groove on in the classroom.

Neither woke in eager anticipation, I had to wake them up and they were both reluctant starters. The eldest cried a bit and the youngest’s FIRST tooth ever FELL out. She’s only just 5, surely far too early for all that? Facing facts, she clearly has two new “adult” teeth growing through at the bottom pushing the baby ones out from behind. It’s brutal stuff for a parent I can tell you, taking a double row of teeth (think shark) yet strangely gapped-wonder in on the first day.

Now, I’d better end there otherwise I am going to forget to do the tooth-fairy thing and my track record on that is pretty dismal…

I should probably make an appointment at the dentist too. My least favourite place, after school.

Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors

More trials for the tooth fairy (aka makemeadiva)

Now if you ask me, teeth  have no business “falling” out after 8 pm on a Sunday night when the little divas have been “tucked” up in bed and told firmly to go to sleep, now!

However this tooth yesterday night did not play by the rules, in fact it was an errant tooth.  So errant that after being transported up and down the stairs a couple of times for verification it allegedly “leapt down a crack in the floorboards in the bedroom” and has been gone for longer than the average tooth fairy can hang about for.

Feverish notes ensued with diagrams and instructions, not to mention desperate pleas, to the fairy which multiplied exponentially until the toothless wonder was fast asleep (not before an argument about opening the bedroom window to the correct angle to facilitate fairy admittance).  Mercifully there was a pound to be found about the house which was placed as directed.  The toothless child was triumphant this morning holding her coin aloft, whilst still noticing things moved overnight with the accuracy of criminal forensics unit (I was thinking BMX 2020 Olympics, now thinking Scotland Yard) until the £1 slipped from her grasp as she sat upon the throne in the bathroom and it too disappeared down another crack in the floorboards… 😦

I am thinking carpet.

One of my daughter's heartfelt notes

One of my daughter's heartfelt notes



Since I took and posted the photo the tooth father has returned.  Would you believe he has found the flipping tooth on the floor and we will endure “The Tooth Fairy Part II” tonight lol.  I couldn’t makeitup!