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Holiday reading: Russell Brand & Gandhi

I was making good progress, rattling through a few ‘good’ booky wooks by the pool on holiday the other week, when I was somewhat derailed by a bit of a to-do (more of which later).

The subject matter of my holiday reading: Russell Brand and Gandhi, may not, on the face of it, appear to have much in common as reading material. But, as it turns out, both have a considerable track record of getting in a bed with more than one young woman at the same time.

There is a key difference between their nocturnal activities though, but the blog is too refined (ish) to mention it.

All quiet...


The blog is meant to be in a hotel somewhere in Sussex before getting on a flight (yes, feel the fear and do it anyway…) abroad tomorrow morning. Instead of which, in a master stroke of disorganisation, I will be at the Passport Office in Victoria at 7.45 a.m. sharp in an attempt to get the eldest’s passport renewed.

You could kind of understand it if it was a few weeks out of date, perhaps a few months. In fact, hers is a full two years out of date and, despite my checking all this a month ago, the minor detail escaped my usually gimlet eye. I can only be thankful I did notice before the check-in desk. Oh the potential for public, come fly with me, humiliation. At least I have been quietly humiliated in private. Apart from when I told my neighbour, my colleague, my mum, my sisters and a couple of dear friends…

Oh and the Post Office woman. I had to go there and queue up. Twice. I got the same post mistress on each occasion. By the second time I was slightly hysterical with laughter, but at least I had the sense to ask for a couple of forms for all the additional, and elementary, errors I am bound to make.

So, the blog may be on holiday for a while, or the blog may not. It is all slightly out of my cold, yet sweaty, hands now.