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I have noticed that some visitors to this blog may now be subjected to the occasional advertisement. (I have no idea what is being advertised…) To prevent this from happening I must buy a $99 annual upgrade which, at the moment, I can’t afford. I do not gain anything from the advertising that appears here, it goes to the platform hosts to defray their own overheads.

I have had a WordPress blog since 2008, for free, more or less if you don’t dwell on the upgrades I have paid for in the past (to embed MP3s and to redirect traffic). I don’t think it’s been a bad deal, and I’m not complaining. It’s just that I am not sure that I want my blog all messed up with advertising.

I am thinking what to do about it. Any thoughts – please share!

In the meantime, if all ads could be like this one, the world would be a gentler place indeed.