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Down at the track

Lap 1

‘Oh yes, he’s fit enough.’
‘Is he doing it properly? He’s not is he?’
‘Oh yes, well… he’s just relaxed.’
‘He needs a straight back?’
‘Well, mmmm. Michael Johnson ran with a straight back and he did alright.’

I think, Michael Johnson ran like a duck but when you break world records it doesn’t matter what you look like.

Lap 2

‘Oh no, he’s not fit enough.’
‘No, he’s not fit enough at all.’
‘It’s good though, this physical exercise. Too much studiousness is bad for the boy.’
‘Is he doing it properly? She’s doing it properly isn’t she?’
‘He needs to watch what the others are doing.’
‘Look he’s not watching.’

Lap 3

The studious boy, who looks like he is running into a wind tunnel, comes over to the edge of the track and weeps.

An elite athlete sticks his head through the fence and throws up.

The man, who was once hit by a train, completes his lap.

Right, wrong, none of it is ever easy.

From The Telegraph: Usain Bolt on his home track by Ben Duffy

Gay beats Bolt

The head on shot towards the end of the clip is amazing.  Bolt is so far from his usual chillaxed self and Gay is giving it everything.