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Picking a winner – or not – by the light of the USB

Stephen Foster’s blog queried the new-fangled USB light the other day. So it has prompted me to take a day off from the handbag delvings and press the USB light I’ve had for over a year and a half (Christmas present 2008) into use. To see if it had one.

This is what I did with it.

That was after I had fumbled around in the gloom for a few minutes trying to work out how to switch it on – plugging it in is not enough. In due course I managed to press the right thing, not a switch but the whole base in only one particular sweet spot, and then there was Light and an Unusually Silvery Beam at that. Is it environmentally friendly? I don’t know. Did it effect the usually piss poor performance of my laptop? Hard to tell. If it is actually possible it seemed to run even slower than usual. Oh and the glare off the screen hurt my eyes, but I could see my keyboard better. I could really see the banana antibiotic medicine that my daughter helped me to throw all over it a few weeks ago (she helpfully loosened the childproof lid before I shook it…). It’s congealed between some of the keys and the touch pad and the laptop still crashes so the drugs still don’t work.

The light of a Spanish Moon would never have been so harsh (the blog loves a bad boy).