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Bid Writing

I’m getting some practice in this weekend. I’ve written a few in the past and I can’t say I enjoy it especially. The first one I ever remember writing was pre-millenia to get funding for a van. We got the van. Maybe there wasn’t much competition.

Since then I’ve written three more, two successful and one not. I also drafted one over the Christmas holiday, and then decided not to submit it for reasons to do with capacity and financial projections.

I have a sneaking hunch that with a 75% strike rate so far, there’s only one way to go – down. On the other hand, maybe I should take some confidence from the positive stats and get on with this one.

What a boring post that was! Still, the van was maroon and pretty snazzy, and the driver, Phil, was made up as I recall. Whatever happens with this one, I got the van. That’s a life lesson I suppose, some of our experience is in the bank and no-one (not even subsequent failure) can touch those deposits.