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The Strange Case of Animal Welfare in Australia

On the one hand it has been announced that due to the death of 20 horses in jump races in the last 2 years the state of Victoria is banning jump racing in 2010.

On the other they have announced that 6000 feral camels are going to be culled in the Northern Territory next week because they are damaging water supplies locally.

If it wasn’t the end of a very long and tiring week I might know what I even begin to think about these stories.  The cull of camels using helicopters and guns sounds awfully distressing, not to mention the piles of enormous dead camels?  Apparently there are over one million such camels across Australia so the cull is a drop in the ocean anyway.  As a non-native breed now causing such problems it makes me thankful we only have the grey squirrel and myxomatosis to worry about.